USA Ultimate

'Live Ultimate' TVC + Social Campaign

The Opportunity:

To help grow a sport at a key ‘tipping point’ in its history.

USA Ultimate is the governing body of the sport of Ultimate Frisbee in the United States. They approached us to help them take Ultimate to the next level, with the ultimate goal (pun intended) of becoming an Olympic sport.

The Insight:

‘Ultimate’ at its core, captures the very best of America’s ideals.

The sport, it could be argued, is the manifestation of the American dream: equal opportunity for everyone, regardless of age, race or anything else that tries to box people in – to achieve success through hard work, determination, initiative, and fair play.

The Idea:

We don’t just play Ultimate, we live Ultimate.

The sport is all about character, community, and competition. Good sportsmanship, and spirited camaraderie. People start playing Ultimate as a sport, and over time, start living it as a lifestyle.

The Execution:

An integrated TV, and social media push to establish the brand foundations.

As of right now, our TV ad has taken to the airwaves, but the rest of the campaign is yet to rollout. As soon as it does so, we’ll update our gallery here. So, do come back soon to check it out.