Urban Curling

The Opportunity:

Differentiate Spontex from competitors through a fun and unique activity.

Harnessing Rabbit Communications’ extensive roadshow experience, Spontex challenged us to tour the country with a rig which would attract and engage consumers.

The Insight:

In a homogeneous market, differentiation of any sort is key.

Aside from in-store discounts, it is very difficult to achieve true cut-through in the cleaning product market. Using gamification and a unique challenge, we could give Spontex stand out against their rivals.

The Idea:

It turns out that cleaning a floor can be fun.

With a twist to the sport of Curling, the great British public put Spontex mops to the test whilst competing for the crown of Britain’s Fastest Mopper!

The Execution:

Fast, furious… and wet.

The people of Leeds, Manchester, Birmingham, Cardiff and London all took turns to scrub the floor of our curling lane clean, before sliding a specially made curling stone towards the target in the quickest time possible. The fastest in each city as well as the overall winner were awarded some impressive prizes.

The Result:

5,250 consumers engaged over 5 days.

With such an engaging activity, the stand was packed to the rafters for the entire week. We generated brilliant social content for Spontex, to further distinguish themselves as a fun and unique brand within the cleaning product market.