Hilton Hideway

Hideaway Bar

The Opportunity:

Flip public perception of Hilton.

Fuse International facilitated Hilton’s sponsorship of the Udderbelly Festival both on the Southbank and at the Edinburgh Festival. Rabbit Communications was tasked with designing and building Hilton’s sponsored bar at both locations.

The Insight:

Tactical sponsorship to alter opinion.

Changing public opinion of a brand is no easy task. Aligning Hilton with a fun and artistic brand such as Udderbelly provided an opportunity for them to put some distance between Hilton and their business travel perception.

The Idea:

Ditch the trouser press perception.

Creation of a bar, brimming with character and showcasing a variety of destination based themes to highlight Hilton’s association with fun, exotic leisure travel.

The Execution:

Hilton Hide Away.

We built a suitcase shaped bar, with themed decoration that would change every fortnight to reflect a different country in which Hilton has a flagship hotel.

The Result:

Successful partnership, continued for a second year.

The Udderbelly partnership and sponsored bar gave Hilton unrivaled exposure to 1000s of people in both London and Edinburgh. The sponsored bar provided a location for the public to build positive relationships with Hilton, and a hub for brilliant, organic, social content.