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Powerpuff Girls Global Activation

The Opportunity:

Turner approached Rabbit communications with an interesting problem.

Their Powerpuff Girls property performed well across the viewing figures in the 5-9 category, sales were increasing year on year, but licensing teams across the globe were acting independently of each other resulting in radically different offerings and radically varying consumer experiences in different markets. What if there was a central brand guide that standardised all the consumer product and activation offerings in one place? How can we ensure a consumer in Sao Paulo has the same great experience with Powerpuff Girls as a consumer in Seoul?

The Idea:

To ensure consistency of affinity across markets we came up with a conceptual ‘golden thread’ to act as a guiding compass for local teams.

‘Cute with a kick!’ encapsulates the action and fun of the show whilst grounding any activations and consumer product launches.

The Execution:

Brand new 'Cute with a kick' activation toolkit

A comprehensive guide was created explaining the ‘Cute with a kick!’ positioning and then providing examples of how the idea could be brought to life across channels, touchpoints and categories.

The Result:

Consistency of affinity across all markets and channels.

Now wherever consumers encountered the Powerpuff Girls brand they had the same great experience.