e-Learning platform

The Opportunity:

Update the way Arlo approaches training for 3rd party retailer staff and customer care agents

With Arlo products having a wide range of complex security features, instore staff and customer care agents struggled to learn the necessary spec and troubleshooting information to sell the product effectively. The training Arlo was using was largely powerpoint based and trainees struggled to navigate it.

The Insight:

Content has to be designed around the learners themselves

With a wealth of training experience behind us, at Rabbit Communications we know training has to be engaging, it has to be easily understood and it has to fit in with trainees’ busy schedules.

The Execution:

We took Arlo’s fragmented training resources and created a course of highly engaging snackable training modules.

We utilised real life scenarios and gamification to bring the training to life. At Rabbit Comms we know that ease of access and data collection are key when it comes to making and tracking progress so we created the ‘Arlo Academy’ training portal. The portal acts as a one stop platform for users to take bespoke courses, monitor their progress and interact with trainers if they get stuck or need a greater challenge. Arlo can easily add new training modules as and when new products join the Arlo family.