Our Approach

People know we’re selling them stuff. They know we know. And we know they know. So let’s just drop the whole charade, and have an engaging conversation.
  • It must invite participation
    We believe campaigns have to draw people in. Period. When they do, they fly. When they don’t, they bomb. It’s that simple. Magnetic campaigns with large surface areas and multiple on-ramps are the ones that pay huge dividends in the
    long run.
  • The idea must start with the end in mind
    The work must matter to the person we’re talking to. Why will someone care? What’s in it for them? It’s not that what the brand is trying to communicate isn’t important, of course it’s important. It’s the reason for the brief in the
    first place. But if we don’t start by considering why the end-user will take notice, they won’t.
  • Brands resonate when they surprise and delight
    We believe great work goes bump in the night. It connects people to what they love in unexpected and rewarding ways. Whether it’s a single moment in time, or multiple moments over time, all advertising is party crashing, so we make
    sure we always bring a bottle.
  • Great work provokes a reaction
    It turns brands from nouns into verbs. And gets people to DO something; quit something, join something, get mad, get involved, laugh, cry, tweet – whatever. People are hit with hundreds of thousands of messages every day, but work
    that provokes still cuts through the clutter.
  • ‘FOMO fuel’ is king
    Whatever we create must be infectiously shareable. We see a person’s social footprints as their personal cable channels. They ‘broadcast’ content that says something about them. Whether it’s something funny that reflects their sense
    of humour, or cause-related content that shows the world what they care about. We create content that taps into our basic human desire to share.
  • Creative that has purpose trumps creative that doesn’t
    People want to do the right thing. But contributing to the greater good can seem intangibly epic, so most people don’t bother. That’s where brands can help. Think; Tom’s Shoes, Tide detergent’s ‘Loads of Hope’ mobile Laundromats at
    disaster sites, etc. Brands that became conduits to help people help others become loved and famous.

Our Clients


“Working with Nate has been fantastic. Not only was he able to turn around a great execution in 4 weeks, the team went above and beyond to make sure we made the most of the opportunity and partnership.”

Sophie Lawton

Surface Marketing Manager, Microsoft

“Rabbits are an absolute delight to work with! Their pragmatic and energetic approach is fun and refreshing. the team have helped refine our approach to trade marketing and delivered innovative, global creative campaigns.”

Sarah Dempsey

Snr Retail & Trade Marketing Manager, Cartoon Network – Emea

“Arlo has worked with Ollie and the Rabbit Comms team for almost 4 years now. As an integrated marketing agency, they have supported a number of different functions within the business from Customer Care, to retailer training and the central Brand and Product Marketing team. The consistent theme throughout all of these projects has been complete collaboration. They always find ways to go above and beyond to meet the brief and feel like an extension of our internal team – fully committed to helping our company succeed. The team ensured they fully understood the challenges we face as a brand and they appreciate the commercial pressures that accompany them. We trust Rabbit Comms to output impactful work that delivers the results we demand.”

Tegan Jolly

Director, Brand Marketing, Arlo